Music Business Career Opportunity

Booking Agent:

Our office is located 40 miles east of New York City / Nassau County border in Suffolk County, Long Island.  This position is open to Nassau and Suffolk County residents ONLY.

We are seeking a very special individual who is positive by nature, confident, hard working, self-motivated and driven for success.  An individual with a vision in terms of their career goals in the entertainment industry who wishes to play a major part in working for a very successful entertainment company whose main focus is the music industry.  We operate a highly successful artist management company, a record company that is distributed in over 14 countries and a worldwide music publishing firm.  We are expanding into the area of live music bookings on a regional and eventually a national / international basis.

This exciting position has tremendous growth potential for someone who possesses the correct skills, persona and ability to move forward with a rewarding career in the entertainment industry.  We do require a person with booking agent experience on either the local or national level.

The following is a list of attributes we would find attractive in our potential employee.

1.  Must be mature, professional and disciplined and have a great love of music.  Be familiar with the current trends in a vast majority of different musical genres.  Be aware of which type of music is most appealing to various age groups and demographics. Have an in-depth awareness of what is necessary to successfully market a band or artist in the regional marketplace.

2.  You must be willing and able to attend artist's showcases, performances and auditions.  To listen and review artist's material which is submitted to our company.  You need to know and understand this is not an hourly position nor is it necessarily office work only, there are no established hours.

3.  Able to attend and represent our company at various seminars and conferences related to the live music industry.

4.  Must be able to work with others in a cooperative team environment, to take direction, be able to listen carefully, absorb information quickly and comprehend clearly.

5.  You must be computer literate enough to deal with your e-mail client, web site and social media research and possess basic computer use skills.  Also, literate in terms of using the English language well in composing e-mail texts and letters.

If you believe yourself to be a qualified applicant, e-mail your thoughts about being a booking agent for our company, professional references and your resume to:

Please Send All Resumes and Cover Letters as Word Documents.  Thank you!

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